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 Sayaka Yester

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Sayaka Yester
Apprentice Lvl. 4
Apprentice Lvl. 4
Sayaka Yester

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PostSubject: Sayaka Yester   21/3/2013, 10:34 pm

✰Full Name: Sayaka Yester
✰Age: 15
✰Birthday: 1th September
✰Gender: Female
✰Future Path: Dark Magic Weaver
✰Pets: Pawde
✰Favorite Food: Snacks
✰Hated Food: Tuna
✰Favorite Drink: Coke
✰Hated Drink: Water
✰Hobbies: Read, practice gymnastics, talk and stalk people
✰Personality: Sayaka is completly random and loves to stalk people and make them think she loves them. Yet she doesn't seem to show any affectyion to people around her, just friendship.
✰Curiosities: Doesn't have family
✰Crush: Looking for Very Happy
✰Favorite Subject: Magic
✰Hated Subject: Biology
✰Character’s Background Story: She doesn't have family since she was 7 years old and since there she has been a loner and plays around with everyone's feelings. Usually makes them think she loves them and then just leaves, as she thinks her family did. She seems cold because of this, yet she's sweet in the inside.
✰Character Photo: Avatar image
✰Pet(s) Photo:

✰CODE: [The Academy is awesome~!]

Theres a light ♥️
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PostSubject: Re: Sayaka Yester   21/3/2013, 10:38 pm

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Sayaka Yester
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