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 Lana Lukyanova

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Lana Lukyanova
Apprentice Lvl. 3
Apprentice Lvl. 3
Lana Lukyanova

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PostSubject: Lana Lukyanova   21/3/2013, 7:07 pm

✰Full Name: Lana Valeria Milenka Lukyanova
✰Age: 15 years old
✰Birthday: 13/07/97
✰Gender: Female
✰Future Path: Magician
✰Pets: Mila and Mumu
✰Favorite Food: Steak with mushrooms
✰Hated Food: Vegetables and salad
✰Favorite Drink: Nestea
✰Hated Drink: Wine
✰Hobbies: Draw mangá, researching new trends of fashion and in the free time go to shop
✰Personality: Cold with strangers, arrogant, suspicious, nervous, shy, impatient, caring, emotional, sensitive, delicate, love to annoy the others, mysterious, difficult to understand her feelings, strange, pervert, she likes to show what she feels and afraid to meet new people.
✰Curiosities: Cries for everything and anything, she can not express verbally very well and her hair shine when she is shy.
✰Crush: Russell, babe <3
✰Favorite Subject: Magic
✰Hated Subject: Technology
✰Character’s Background Story: Lana has always been a nervous person and with fearfulness of others. No one could hurt her feelings, because if they did, she cried uncontrollably and without big reason to do so. She could alienate her friends because of her behavior and bad temper.
Until the day came, that she was alone and tried to find way to enter into a new world where there were no judgments against her nature. She disappeared into a magical world, leaving the parents, "friends", but that had never forgotten her. She joined two pets that could understand her perfectly and stayed together. The pets had the honor to present to the new world and show that it was possible to be happy.
✰Character Photo:
✰Pet(s) Photo:
✰CODE: [The Academy is awesome~!]
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PostSubject: Re: Lana Lukyanova   21/3/2013, 9:05 pm

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Lana Lukyanova
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