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 Melissa Segawa

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Melissa Segawa
Apprentice Lvl. 5
Apprentice Lvl. 5
Melissa Segawa

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PostSubject: Melissa Segawa   20/3/2013, 11:31 pm

✰Full Name: Melissa Rose Marie Segawa
✰Age: 16 years old
✰Birthday: 02.10.96
✰Gender: Female
✰Future Path: Magician
✰Pets: Shii and Cherry
✰Favorite Food: Cheese cake
✰Hated Food: Cod
✰Favorite Drink: Ice Tea
✰Hated Drink: Beer
✰Hobbies: Basketball, reading and work at the Strawberry Cafe on the weekends
✰Personality: Bipolar, day-dreamer, curious, clever, shiny, cute, shy, misterious, interesting, loves to tease, pervert, lovely, sometimes cold, hard to handle, can get really arrogant and ironic when around guys and she's the jealous type.
✰Curiosities: Her eye colour changes according to her emotions.
✰Crush: Yuri asdfghjkl <3
✰Favorite Subject: Alchemy
✰Hated Subject: Biology
✰Character’s Background Story: Melissa was the daughter of two Dark Magic Weavers, so she was meant to be one of them, and a powerful one, to be honest. But her pure heart, was bound to the Magician path, and couldn't handle the awful things dark magic could do. So, one day, Melissa ran out of the Dark world and swore to herself she would never come back. When she arrived to the Magical World, she was welcomed by two beautiful creatures, Shii and Cherry, who took her to the Castle, where she was allowed to learn how to be a Magician. Since then Melissa has been living on the Magical World and attending to the Academy's classes. Sometimes, Melissa still feels a dark presence near her, and she fights everyday against her parents will to get her back to where they think she belongs - the Dark World.
✰Character Photo:
✰Pet(s) Photo:
(Shii -> the brown rabbit ; Cherry -> the pink and white puppy)

✰CODE: [The Academy is awesome~!]

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PostSubject: Re: Melissa Segawa   21/3/2013, 9:05 pm

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Melissa Segawa
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