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 Lucia Sheckles

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Lucia Sheckles
Apprentice Lvl. 1
Apprentice Lvl. 1
Lucia Sheckles

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PostSubject: Lucia Sheckles   20/3/2013, 9:51 pm

✰Full Name: Lucia Sheckles
✰Age: 17/18
✰Birthday: 5/7/1995
✰Gender: F
✰Future Path: Magician
✰Pets: 1
✰Favorite Food:Bitoque <3 (tehehe xD)
✰Hated Food: Fish xD
✰Favorite Drink: Water
✰Hated Drink:Anything that is fizzy (Soda, Coca-cola, etc...)
✰Hobbies: Dancing, Computer, Listening to Music, Shopping
✰Personality: Friendly yet Shy, Lazy, Easy Going
✰Curiosities: Loves Pokka Dot print, stays on the phone 24/7
✰Crush: (Jason <3)
✰Favorite Subject: Technology
✰Hated Subject: Maths
✰Character’s Background Story: Lucia's mum was a magician until she married Lucia's dad since then her mum wanted to be human and stop magic in her family. Lucia's 15 birthday started to get letters from other dimension Council saying that she need to learn magic soon as possible or she will lose her power at age 18, even though she din't knew she was a magician. Until then Lucia graduated and she din't knew what to do in her life, until she met Lance saying that her and her family was the biggest magicians in other dimensions. Lucia run away from home to learn magic and be a magician like her mum.
✰Character Photo:

✰Pet(s) Photo:

✰CODE: [The Academy is awesome~!]
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PostSubject: Re: Lucia Sheckles   21/3/2013, 9:04 pm

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Lucia Sheckles
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