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 Miyuki Moriyama

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Miyuki Moriyama
Apprentice Lvl. 4
Apprentice Lvl. 4
Miyuki Moriyama

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PostSubject: Miyuki Moriyama   20/3/2013, 9:33 pm

✰Full Name:Miyuki Moriyama
✰Age:16 years old
✰Birthday:26 September
✰Future Path:Magician
✰Pets:Sui & Kirara
✰Favorite Food:Sushi
✰Hated Food:Spicy food
✰Favorite Drink:Fruit juice
✰Hated Drink:none
✰Hobbies:Watching anime/reading manga; music; reading books; things related to idols.
✰Personality:Shy, nice, perverted, forgets things easily, crybaby.
✰Curiosities:when she is nervous she can fail at the easiest things, enjoys cute things, loves idols, enjoys yaoi/yuri.
✰Favorite Subject:Magic
✰Hated Subject:Biology
✰Character’s Background Story:Ever since she was little Mirukii was really shy and had a difficult time dealing with other humans, because of that she stayed a lot of time in her house (usually watching anime/things related with idols) and didn’t really had friends. Her disire of becoming a magician started when she was 12 and it is her biggest dream (and also being more sociable but she is getting better at it).
✰Character Photo:
✰Pet(s) Photo:
✰CODE:[The Academy is awesome~!]
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PostSubject: Re: Miyuki Moriyama   21/3/2013, 9:04 pm

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Miyuki Moriyama
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