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 Nadia Pendragon

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Nadia Pendragon
Apprentice Lvl. 5
Apprentice Lvl. 5
Nadia Pendragon

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PostSubject: Nadia Pendragon   20/3/2013, 9:30 pm

✰Full Name: Nadia Pendragon (Nickname: Nady)
✰Age: 17
✰Birthday: 28/02
✰Gender: Female
✰Future Path: Magician
✰Pets: Just one, named Quixie, a Moon Bunny.
✰Favorite Food: Pizza and Cupcakes~
✰Hated Food: Onion
✰Favorite Drink: Coke
✰Hated Drink: Alcoholic Drinks
✰Hobbies: Reading, Singing and Dancing
✰Personality: Cheerful, happy, nice, caring, funny, tsundere-ish (sometimes)
✰Curiosities: Sometimes tends to hide her feelings and hide her past
✰Favorite Subject: Magic
✰Hated Subject: Alchemy
✰Character’s Background Story: Nadia was born and raised mostly by her grandparents. When she was little she had a childhood friend, with who she would share all her problems and secrets but that friend suddenly vanished, one day. So, she decided that she would get her friend back with her magic. She decided to follow the path of magician because of her family, but also because of her beliefs.
✰Character Photo:
✰Pet(s) Photo:

✰CODE: [The Academy is awesome~!]


follow your heart~ ♥
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PostSubject: Re: Nadia Pendragon   21/3/2013, 9:04 pm

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Nadia Pendragon
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