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  ☆ RPG Manual

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PostSubject: ☆ RPG Manual   19/3/2013, 11:40 am


✰ Each member gets MagicStones(✰) for each post made.
✰ You Level your apprentice up as you post.
✰ You can apply for your final Exam (Level 10 Exam) once you reached Lvl 10 And 3000 MagicStones.
✰ Once you get to 1000 posts, notify the administration to get 500 MagicStones extra (can be by PM).
✰ You can obtain MagicStones by joining RPG activities and contests.
✰ You can only choose one Path: Or Magician, or Dark Magic Weaver. Once you choose, you cannot change.
✰ You can have a max. of 2 pets. Try to avoid BIG pets, please.
✰ You must participate in classes/activities, for a better use of the RPG.


How does it work?
After you reach level 10, as an apprentice, and collect 3000 MagicStones(✰), you can apply for a last exam, so you can level up to what you chose to be. This exam will be a simple task given to you by the director/one of the teachers. Once you complete it successfully, you will level up.

How to apply?
Go to the Exam Application Topic (click here) and reply, by filling out this form:
[b]Character name:[/b]
[b]Path Chosen:[/b]
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☆ RPG Manual
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