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 ☆ RPG Form

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PostSubject: ☆ RPG Form   19/3/2013, 11:33 am

In order to join the RPG and be able to participate in the academy, you must fill out this form:

✰Full Name:
✰Future Path: [Pick between Magician or Dark Magic Weaver]
✰Pets: [max. 2]
✰Favorite Food:
✰Hated Food:
✰Favorite Drink:
✰Hated Drink:
✰Crush: [don’t fill this part if you don’t want a love interest]
✰Favorite Subject:
✰Hated Subject:
✰Character’s Background Story:
✰Character Photo:
✰Pet(s) Photo:

✰CODE: (to check if you read the rules)

Code to copy/paste here:

[b]✰Full Name:[/b]
[b]✰Future Path:[/b] (Pick between Magician or Dark Magic Weaver)
[b]✰Pets:[/b] [max. 2]
[b]✰Favorite Food:[/b]
[b]✰Hated Food:[/b]
[b]✰Favorite Drink:[/b]
[b]✰Hated Drink:[/b]
[b]✰Crush:[/b] [don’t fill this part if you don’t want a love interest]
[b]✰Favorite Subject:[/b]
[b]✰Hated Subject:[/b]
[b]✰Character’s Background Story:[/b]
[b]✰Character Photo:[/b]
[b]✰Pet(s) Photo:[/b]

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☆ RPG Form
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